What Is A Kettlebell?


Up until recent years, most people never heard of a kettlebell or experienced a kettlebell workout. However, their popularity has grown significantly. The most recent history these cannonballs with a handle starts in Russia over 300 years ago where they were used as weights, but they do go even further back in history. They weighed a specific amount and were put on one side of the scale and goods, like wheat or seed were put on the other. When the two balanced, the seller and buyer knew there was a specific amount of that product. As with many sports and pieces of equipment, workers started using them to compete with one another in challenges of strength.

They were inexpensive to make, so using them in training became popular.

Trainers noticed the informal weight lifting competitions and realized these were good to use for training. There wasn’t much too them, so a kettlebell didn’t cost much to make and were easy to store and transport, making them excellent for training armies, which is what happened in Russia. Eventually, weight lifting with kettlebells was formalized and became a sport, being used as the center of attention, rather than just another training technique.

The benefits of kettlebell training was recognized by the Russian government.

In the 1980s, the Soviet Union had mandatory training with kettlebells for everyone in the nation. It was meant to increase the worker productivity and lower the cost of healthcare. At that time, we were in a cold war with the USSR, so anything Russian was considered bad form and kettlebells never made it to this country. That migration didn’t occur until 2002 when Pavel Tsatsouline started teaching a modified Western version of it.

Athletes studied it because it was so effective.

Training with kettlebells was pretty much like joining a cult at first. There were just a few fervent devotees. But seeing results counts in fitness and the popularity quickly grew. That’s because kettlebells aren’t like other types of weights. Kettlebells have an offset center of gravity from the handles. You can do many maneuvers with them because of the handles that you can’t with regular weights so the center of gravity is constantly changing, forcing you to work core muscles. They provide a total body workout at one time.

Kettlebells burn calories faster than almost all types of exercises and work all muscles, so the workout is shorter, but still gets the same results.

These are inexpensive workout items that are reasonably priced so everyone can own them. Storing kettlebells isn’t hard. They’re small and can fit in most closets or even under the bed.

You’ll get a cardio workout while you build strength, doing double duty, when you workout with kettlebells.

You can do kettlebell training anywhere and don’t need much space. That help you maintain your workout schedule even when traveling or stuck at home.

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