What Gets You Up In The Morning?

%image_alt%If you’ve ever been on a job interview for a high level position, you may have been asked the question, What gets you up in the morning?” The answer supplies insight into your personality and what drives you toward success. If you answered an alarm clock, well you probably didn’t get the job. No matter what your undertaking, you can use that same question to help you find motivation, no matter what the goal. Fitness is no different.

Do you look forward to the day ahead and what it will bring?

Each day is really a new adventure and if that’s a driving force in your life, use it. Find new ways to exercise and vary your program. Spend time learning new and interesting healthy recipes and test one out each week. Make small changes to your ordinary habits, such as taking a walk at lunch and eating in the park. New adventures and events seem to drive you so use that to your advantage when working on fitness.

Do you worry about losing your job and money?

That’s often the reason that many people give for getting up every morning and it’s very valid. Consider this, what if you became extremely ill or disabled? That could cost you both your health and your finances. I hate to have scare tactics as a driving force, but you can turn it around and make it positive. Just think of the all the energy you’ll have and how much better you’ll concentrate when you start working out and living healthier. It gives you options that you may never have had previously.

Your reason for getting up should be something you look forward to doing.

While caring for children is a real job, it’s one that’s done with love and lots of reward. Having the energy, stamina and good health to do that job comes from a program of fitness and healthy eating. Teaching those habits to your children can provide them with a lifetime of good health. You’ll have the energy for more than just the daily living tasks, but for fun with the family and that’s extremely rewarding.

Make it a point to find out what’s really important to you. That information not only helps put power into your resolve, it can help you make your whole life better.

Look for positive aspects you love about eating healthy and working out. It might be the comradery of the group or how great you feel after you’re finished.

It’s okay to feel pleased with how you look, it’s also a powerful driving force in fitness. Take some before and after pictures on a regular basis to see just how much you’ve changed.

Enjoy the little accomplishments and you’ll see bigger ones happen. Maybe you couldn’t run for more than a minute and now you can go two. It’s small and at the same time huge!

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