Get More Sleep

Get More Sleep

If you’ve started a program of regular exercise and learned how to eat healthier, you might be missing one important factor for good health. You need to get more sleep to be your best, but unfortunately most people fail when it comes to not only getting adequate sleep, but also a good night’s sleep. There’s are various qualities of sleep and taking a pill definitely won’t give you the best quality. Aside from making you look your best the next day, good quality sleep has many other benefits.

Lengthen your life with a good night’s sleep.

Studies show that to little sleep can shorten your life, but then, so does too much sleep. One study showed that less than five hours of sleep was too little and more than six and a half hours was too much for women between the age of 50 to 79. More deaths occurred when these women had under the five hour minimum or more than the six and a half hour maximum. However a much larger study showed that people over 65 needed between 7 and 8 hours, while those 18 to 64 needed 7 to 9 hours. Those younger than that need even more. However, there’s no one right answer for the number of hours, but generalizations. Learning the number of hours you need comes from identifying when you feel your best.

Lower the amount of inflammation in the body with the right amount of sleep.

Inflammation is responsible for all types of conditions and diseases. Heart disease, arthritis, stroke as well as premature aging can come from inflammation. Inflammatory proteins are higher in the bloodstream of people who get less than six hours of sleep at night. In fact, some studies linked heart attacks with those who got fewer than six hours.

Improve your chances of weight loss with the right amount of sleep.

A study at the University of Chicago showed that people who dieted tended to lose more weight as fat loss, rather than muscle loss. Even though both groups, those with adequate sleep and those without, lost the same amount of weight, fat loss was at 56% on those who slept, while those deprived of sleep shed more muscle mass. The hunger hormones are also triggered when you’re sleep deprived. You tend to eat more sugary and unhealthy foods when you’re tired.

Stress levels rise when you have too little sleep. Stress hormones create changes in the body that affect your health. In fact one stress hormone, cortisol, is associated with abdominal fat.

Reduce the chance of depression when you get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep is a contributing factor in depression.

You’ll improve your memory and your mental capabilities when you have the right amount of sleep.

Working out helps you sleep more soundly and provides a better quality of sleep.

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