Trail / Race Etiquette – Spartan Race

🚨Happy #SGXTrainingTip Thursday!🚨 Coach Robin Legat here and I’m bringing something a little different today. I’m going to talk about Trail/Race Etiquette! Now some of you may think that the things I’m about to share well known and understood [...]

Get More Sleep

If you've started a program of regular exercise and learned how to eat healthier, you might be missing one important factor for good health. You need to get more sleep to be your best, but [...]

Be Nicer

You may not start your fitness program to be nicer, but it is a side effect of working out and eating healthier. The most obvious reason is that it makes you feel good and when [...]

Get Fit Before You Feast

There's still time to get fit. No matter what the date, starting on the road to fitness is always right. Don't wait until December 31st to make it a New Year's resolution, there's no time [...]

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