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If you’ve tried other Chicago weight loss programs that either don’t give the quickest results or you ended up gaining the weight back the minute you quit, you need to seek the help of a personal trainer who specializes in weight loss and fitness. Trainers first listen to your goals and learn whether you have any special needs. They also assess your level of fitness then create a program designed especially for you. The program will include teaching you how to make smarter decisions when it comes to eating and also regular exercise.

Eating smarter, not eating less, is the only way to take pounds off and not regain them.

Eating smarter may include eating more and more frequently. It will include making some very simple dietary changes, such as substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream on baked potatoes or having healthy snacks ready so you don’t raid the candy machine at work or the candy counter at the gas station on the way home. You’ll learn how to prepare foods healthier too by cooking differently and adding herbs and spices for flavoring. You’ll never feel deprived and be able to eat anywhere and still lose weight.

Changing your eating habits isn’t the only lifestyle change you’ll make.

While eating healthier is one step to healthier living, so is a program of regular exercise. Regular exercise burns calories to help you lose weight, while also building muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn to maintain that tissue, since it requires far more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does. You’ll be attacking fat on two levels, which makes weight loss easier and more permanent.

You’ll be helping your family and preventing your children from developing weight problems.

The eating habits you learn when you’re young are the ones you carry throughout your life. When you learn healthier habits and start changing the menus at home, you’ll be teaching your children healthier eating habits. Increasing your activity level with a program of exercise will give you the stamina and energy to get healthy exercise with the kids, such as hiking or swimming. Growing up in a family that eats healthy and has exercise as part of their lifestyle helps prevent any future weight problems, while slimming you down in the process.

You’ll feel fantastic after working out. At first you’ll feel exhausted, but it won’t take long before you’ll start looking forward to each workout.

Exercise is stress buster and burns off the hormones created by stress, replacing them with ones that make you feel good. Cortisol, one of the stress hormones, is linked to abdominal fat.

You’ll think clearer after working out. Not only does it clear away the cobwebs by increasing circulation, exercise also boosts the creation of new brain cells and neural pathways. It improves cognitive functioning.

You’ll walk taller and with more confidence since a program of regular exercise helps improve posture. It gives you more presence .

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