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Employers are now realizing that they can keep the cost of insurance, injury and sick days down by providing Chicago group training for their employees. Group training isn’t just a concept for employers to add as a perk, it’s also an inexpensive and fun way for individuals to increase their exercise, get the benefit of having a personal trainer and save money in the process.

Group training sessions use the services of a personal trainer, but it’s far less per capita than private session or even Gym memberships.

Group training doesn’t require a lifetime commitment or even a one year commitment like gyms do and you get personalized instruction. A personal trainer runs each session and sets up a workout plan for each individual. While the group may all be doing body weight exercises, some will do a modified form, a different number of reps and different intensity levels. Since the entire group shares the cost of the trainer’s time, it’s less per person. Each group session can last as long as two months or as little as three weeks.

Group training is fun, particularly with the right trainer.

Not only is there plenty of comradery in a group, with people cheering each other on to victory, there’s also a wide variety of different types of exercises. Some groups use strictly body weight exercises, while others may use simple exercise tools, such as jump ropes or kettlebells. In certain instances, you’ll find trainers using ultra modern and extremely fun equipment, such as TRX training, which is suspension training started for Navy Seals.

Some group training also provides nutritional information.

Just adding exercise is excellent, but if you have a program that also helps people learn to eat healthier, it provides double the benefit. Not only does exercising regularly and healthy eating make you lose weight and provide stamina, strength and flexibility, it also helps you live longer and prevents serious conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Group training is never boring. Personal trainers change up the routine continuously to keep it fresh. Changing a workout regularly is important. The body becomes more efficient doing the same thing continuously and burns more calories when you change the routine regularly.

People of all ages benefit from regular exercise. Whether you or your staff are old, young or somewhere in between, you’ll live healthier with regular exercise. One study showed that you can gain seven to fourteen minutes, depending on intensity, for every minute you exercise.

Regular exercise also improves cognitive thinking and burns off hormones create by stress, clearing the mind.

You’ll be happier if you workout or have happier more content employees if you provide a group plan. Not only does exercise burn off hormones created by stress, it stimulates the creation of ones that make you feel good.

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