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If you all meet after work for a cup of coffee or have a lunch together several times a week, you can break the monotony and get fit in the process by spending that time at a Chicago bootcamp. Try a boot camp as a “girl’s or guy’s” night out for just a month and you’ll be hooked. Use it as your lunch hour break to get revved up for the rest of the day. Not only will you feel fantastic after working out, you’ll also shed pounds, build muscle and look great in just a short time.

Personal trainers run boot camps and create personalized programs for each participant.

Not everyone in your group may be at the same fitness level. Some may be just beginners, while others may be super fit. That’s the beauty of a group workout. While everyone may be doing the same exercise, each person will be doing a different number of reps, level of intensity or even a different form. Everyone will be working toward his or her maximum potential.

Some boot camps include nutritional information that will help you eat healthier.

If you’ve decided working out could be perfect for your group, you don’t have to give up dinner to do it. In fact, many boot camps also focus on nutrition, as well as exercise. That means you’ll not only get a great workout, you’ll also learn to eat healthier no matter where you are. You can even go out to eat after the workout and use that information, with the group to help reinforce what you learned.

Working out is far more fun with your friends.

Whether you start some friendly competition within your group or just provide one another with encouragement, it can be fun working out with people you enjoy. You’ll laugh about how hard you’re working and even work harder than you would on your own. Everyone knows how hard it is to achieve the goals, so there’s plenty of support from friends. Sometimes you’ll cheer each other on or high five one another when a goal’s accomplished.

Working out with a group of friends keeps you accountable for your success. If you miss a workout, not only does the trainer notice, but so do all your friends.

You’ll meet new people in boot camps that can add to your circle of friends. No matter who you are, adding interesting individuals to your circle enriches your life.

Some boot camps allow unlimited sessions, so you can catch up with the others if there are schedule restrictions or even sneak in a few extra sessions to get a bit ahead of the rest.

You’ll all feel fantastic after just a short time and look far better than you did before you started. It’s an adventure that’s a break away from the same old routine. It will leave you healthier and fitter in just a few short weeks.

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