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A Chicago boot camp can be a great way to start a fitness program or add spice to one that’s already in progress. Boot camps are run by personal trainers, so you’ll have a program that’s created especially for you. Before the boot camp starts, the trainer assesses the fitness level of each person and creates individual goals. If you have special needs, the trainer adjusts the workout for them. Most boot camps use little or no equipment.

The entire group may be doing the same exercise but each person will be doing it at his or her own pace.

Sometimes the trainer adjusts the form of the workout based on someone’s special needs. For instance, all people may be doing push-ups, but some will be doing regular ones and higher reps, while others will do a bent knee form or lower repetitions. Each person will be struggling to achieve his or her own personal goal, so whether they’re super fit or a complete couch potato when they start, each day will be a huge challenge.

People often use boot camps as the starting point for a fitness program.

Knowing where to start is one of the most difficult parts of working out. Not do personal trainers have a wide variety of exercises at each boot camp, they also vary the programs so you’re never doing the “same old thing” each session. Trainers also teach the right way to do each exercise and watch the participants to insure they have the right form.

You’ll have a great deal of fun at a boot camp.

Each person is struggling with personal workout goals, so everyone knows how tough it can be to achieve them. You’ll often hear works of encouragement and sometimes even applause when someone makes a breakthrough in their fitness routine. In some groups, you’ll even find a bit of friendly competition that drives both people further toward their ultimate fitness goal.

Many times people who are already fit include a boot camp in their fitness program to break the monotony of working out alone and add new exercises to their routine.

Boot camps are a huge bargain. Since everyone shares the cost of the personal trainer’s time, it’s far less per person than private sessions are.

Since boot camps don’t require a lot of equipment, you’ll learn exercises you can do at home, long after the boot camp ends.

You’ll learn to do each exercise correctly. Not only does the trainer show you how to do each one, he or she watches to insure you do them right. Doing an exercise correctly helps avoid injury and maximizes the benefits.

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