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Get More Sleep

Get More Sleep

Get More Sleep

If you’ve started a program of regular exercise and learned how to eat healthier, you might be missing one important factor for good health. You need to get more sleep to be your best, but unfortunately most people fail when it comes to not only getting adequate sleep, but also a good night’s sleep. There’s are various qualities of sleep and taking a pill definitely won’t give you the best quality. Aside from making you look your best the next day, good quality sleep has many other benefits.

Lengthen your life with a good night’s sleep.

Studies show that to little sleep can shorten your life, but then, so does too much sleep. One study showed that less than five hours of sleep was too little and more than six and a half hours was too much for women between the age of 50 to 79. More deaths occurred when these women had under the five hour minimum or more than the six and a half hour maximum. However a much larger study showed that people over 65 needed between 7 and 8 hours, while those 18 to 64 needed 7 to 9 hours. Those younger than that need even more. However, there’s no one right answer for the number of hours, but generalizations. Learning the number of hours you need comes from identifying when you feel your best.

Lower the amount of inflammation in the body with the right amount of sleep.

Inflammation is responsible for all types of conditions and diseases. Heart disease, arthritis, stroke as well as premature aging can come from inflammation. Inflammatory proteins are higher in the bloodstream of people who get less than six hours of sleep at night. In fact, some studies linked heart attacks with those who got fewer than six hours.

Improve your chances of weight loss with the right amount of sleep.

A study at the University of Chicago showed that people who dieted tended to lose more weight as fat loss, rather than muscle loss. Even though both groups, those with adequate sleep and those without, lost the same amount of weight, fat loss was at 56% on those who slept, while those deprived of sleep shed more muscle mass. The hunger hormones are also triggered when you’re sleep deprived. You tend to eat more sugary and unhealthy foods when you’re tired.

Stress levels rise when you have too little sleep. Stress hormones create changes in the body that affect your health. In fact one stress hormone, cortisol, is associated with abdominal fat.

Reduce the chance of depression when you get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep is a contributing factor in depression.

You’ll improve your memory and your mental capabilities when you have the right amount of sleep.

Working out helps you sleep more soundly and provides a better quality of sleep.

Be Nicer

Be Nicer

%image_alt%You may not start your fitness program to be nicer, but it is a side effect of working out and eating healthier. The most obvious reason is that it makes you feel good and when you feel good, you’re normally nicer to others, as well as kind to yourself. You’ll be healthier, more confident and even walk taller, exuding that confidence. That can make a huge difference in your life.

You’ll feel more energized.

Nothing is better for your mood than having plenty of energy. If you tire out long before the day ends, you’ll end up cranky and irritable. Extra energy can make you happier, even when others are running out of steam. A program of regular exercise helps. Even when you want to do nothing more than lay on a couch with covers piled on, getting up and exercising will boost your spirits while giving you plenty of energy in the process. That improved energy takes the angry and blahs out of any day.

You’ll burn off the hormones created by stress.

Stress is everywhere. It can come from a traffic jam, a shopping trip with the kids and even unexpected company. Stress causes the body to go into fight or flight mode, which means it sends hormones that make changes in the body to prepare for danger by staying and fighting or running like the wind. While that’s a great response if you have real danger, most stress today isn’t real and running from it or fighting isn’t a good solution. These hormones cause you to be mentally foggy and often cranky. A workout can help eliminate the hormones to let you feel great again.

Your body creates hormones that make you happy when you exercise.

When you workout, your body responses to the increased exercise by stimulating the brain to create hormones, such as dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps you enjoy both happiness and pleasure. As you age, that production of these hormones lower, which is why things seemed more fun as a kid. Exercise increases the production, so you’ll be happier while you get fitter. You’ll notice the difference right after you exercise and react to the rest of the world in a nicer manner.

When you’re subject to anxiety, you’re not your happiness. Studies show exercise can help reduce anxiety and leave you feeling happier.

You’ll look fantastic when you eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. That should make you feel happier no matter who you are.

When you eat healthy, you improve the level of your blood sugar. Avoiding spikes and drops keeps you on a level key and happier.

You’ll sleep better at night when you exercise and a good night’s sleep can make you happier.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Health

Give Yourself The Gift Of Health

Give Yourself the Gift of Health

Everyone worries about what to give others at holiday time, but often neglect their own needs in the process. The holidays can bring stress and exhaustion, so to be at your best, you need to give yourself the gift of health. The gift of health can mean a number of things, but normally, it means switching to a healthier lifestyle. If you smoke, quit. If you lead a sedentary life, exercise more. If you’re eating habits aren’t the best, change them. That’s all easy to say, but the actual path may not be nearly as easy to follow. Sometimes, you need help.

Knowing where to start.

No matter what type of program you start, working with an expert can help. When it comes to eating healthier and exercising, there’s no better expert than a personal trainer with an endorsement in nutrition. In fact, studies show that regular exercise can even help you overcome cigarette and drug addiction by helping to control the cravings. Knowing your fitness level and the right types of training is the job of a personal trainer. As a trainer, I assess each person’s fitness level and then listen to goals and any special needs. Only then do I create individual programs.

You’ll learn how to do all the exercises correctly.

Not only do I create your program, I’ll teach you the right way to do each exercise to avoid injury and maximize the benefits. I also watch to insure you do it properly. You’ll work hard, but the benefits it brings makes it all worth while. You’ll notice your energy levels increasing in just a few weeks and your mood and posture improving. Before long, you’ll see all the changes in your body, such as weight loss, increased muscle tone and looser clothing. Your doctor will notice the change in your heart rate and blood pressure too.

Learn how to eat healthier.

Getting fitter also means learning how to improve your nutrition. When you learn how to make smarter choices when it comes to food, you’ll never have to diet again. Eating healthy by no means is starving yourself. That’s counterproductive and bad for your health. It may mean making substitutions, such as eating whole grain brown rice instead of white rice or cooking differently. You’ll love the new way of eating and never feel deprived or hungry.

The gift of good health is a gift for the whole family. It keeps you healthy and active longer so you can enjoy your family. You’ll live longer and spend those years healthier and more independent.

Share the gift of good health with a family member. Come with your spouse, a sibling or parent and make good health their gift. They’ll thank you for it.

You’ll develop a zest for life and a happier disposition. Everyone will be able to recognize the difference.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet help to prevent serious conditions. Exercise burns off the hormones created by stress, while a healthy diet provides antioxidants to protect the cells.

Get Fit Before You Feast

Get Fit Before You Feast

Get Fit

There’s still time to get fit. No matter what the date, starting on the road to fitness is always right. Don’t wait until December 31st to make it a New Year’s resolution, there’s no time like today to jump start a fitness program. Not only will you benefit by looking better, you’ll feel better too. Even a few weeks of exercise can make a huge difference in your energy level.

You’ll have all the energy you need to get things accomplished faster.

I hear too many people make excuses that exercising before the holidays is almost impossible. There are way too many things to do at that time. My response is always, “That’s exactly why you should start a program now. Within a week or too, you’ll notice your energy level rise and eventually soar.” When your energy level improves, so does your ability to get things done faster. You’ll also be thinking more clearly too, so even mental tasks will be easier.

Exercising burns off the hormones created by stress.

The holidays are fun but extremely stressful. Your body was created to react to stress with the fight or flight response. A rush of hormones create changes to help you do that. Unfortunately, today our stresses are different. They’re mental stresses like crying babies, traffic jams and angry bosses, but your body doesn’t differentiate so the hormones are sent anyway. If not burned off they have a negative impact that leaves your brain foggy, an sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and a general uneasy feeling. It also promotes abdominal fat. Working out burns off those hormones so you can enjoy the holiday season.

When you get fit first, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to shed pounds.

Working out not only burns calories while you’re doing it, it also builds muscles. Muscle tissue requires more energy to maintain than fat does. It requires that energy 24 hours a day. Energy is calories and a boost in the amount means you’ll actually be boosting your metabolism so even a major feast won’t make you gain as much weight and will also make it easier to lose.

Learning some simple tricks can cut your calorie intake at a feast and won’t make a huge difference in your pleasure. Things like eating wild rice instead of white rice isn’t a huge change. All those small changes add up to big calorie savings, so even if you eat to much it won’t be as bad.

Getting fit before the holidays means you’ll look fantastic. You’ll be able to give yourself a great gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t spoil the holidays by starving yourself. Just eat smart. Eat slowly and converse while you eat, to give your brain a chance to realize you’re full.

Exercising early in the morning on a holiday can help you think clearer and eliminate much of the stress that the holidays hold.

What Gets You Up In The Morning?

What Gets You Up In The Morning?

%image_alt%If you’ve ever been on a job interview for a high level position, you may have been asked the question, What gets you up in the morning?” The answer supplies insight into your personality and what drives you toward success. If you answered an alarm clock, well you probably didn’t get the job. No matter what your undertaking, you can use that same question to help you find motivation, no matter what the goal. Fitness is no different.

Do you look forward to the day ahead and what it will bring?

Each day is really a new adventure and if that’s a driving force in your life, use it. Find new ways to exercise and vary your program. Spend time learning new and interesting healthy recipes and test one out each week. Make small changes to your ordinary habits, such as taking a walk at lunch and eating in the park. New adventures and events seem to drive you so use that to your advantage when working on fitness.

Do you worry about losing your job and money?

That’s often the reason that many people give for getting up every morning and it’s very valid. Consider this, what if you became extremely ill or disabled? That could cost you both your health and your finances. I hate to have scare tactics as a driving force, but you can turn it around and make it positive. Just think of the all the energy you’ll have and how much better you’ll concentrate when you start working out and living healthier. It gives you options that you may never have had previously.

Your reason for getting up should be something you look forward to doing.

While caring for children is a real job, it’s one that’s done with love and lots of reward. Having the energy, stamina and good health to do that job comes from a program of fitness and healthy eating. Teaching those habits to your children can provide them with a lifetime of good health. You’ll have the energy for more than just the daily living tasks, but for fun with the family and that’s extremely rewarding.

Make it a point to find out what’s really important to you. That information not only helps put power into your resolve, it can help you make your whole life better.

Look for positive aspects you love about eating healthy and working out. It might be the comradery of the group or how great you feel after you’re finished.

It’s okay to feel pleased with how you look, it’s also a powerful driving force in fitness. Take some before and after pictures on a regular basis to see just how much you’ve changed.

Enjoy the little accomplishments and you’ll see bigger ones happen. Maybe you couldn’t run for more than a minute and now you can go two. It’s small and at the same time huge!

What Is A Kettlebell?

What Is A Kettlebell?


Up until recent years, most people never heard of a kettlebell or experienced a kettlebell workout. However, their popularity has grown significantly. The most recent history these cannonballs with a handle starts in Russia over 300 years ago where they were used as weights, but they do go even further back in history. They weighed a specific amount and were put on one side of the scale and goods, like wheat or seed were put on the other. When the two balanced, the seller and buyer knew there was a specific amount of that product. As with many sports and pieces of equipment, workers started using them to compete with one another in challenges of strength.

They were inexpensive to make, so using them in training became popular.

Trainers noticed the informal weight lifting competitions and realized these were good to use for training. There wasn’t much too them, so a kettlebell didn’t cost much to make and were easy to store and transport, making them excellent for training armies, which is what happened in Russia. Eventually, weight lifting with kettlebells was formalized and became a sport, being used as the center of attention, rather than just another training technique.

The benefits of kettlebell training was recognized by the Russian government.

In the 1980s, the Soviet Union had mandatory training with kettlebells for everyone in the nation. It was meant to increase the worker productivity and lower the cost of healthcare. At that time, we were in a cold war with the USSR, so anything Russian was considered bad form and kettlebells never made it to this country. That migration didn’t occur until 2002 when Pavel Tsatsouline started teaching a modified Western version of it.

Athletes studied it because it was so effective.

Training with kettlebells was pretty much like joining a cult at first. There were just a few fervent devotees. But seeing results counts in fitness and the popularity quickly grew. That’s because kettlebells aren’t like other types of weights. Kettlebells have an offset center of gravity from the handles. You can do many maneuvers with them because of the handles that you can’t with regular weights so the center of gravity is constantly changing, forcing you to work core muscles. They provide a total body workout at one time.

Kettlebells burn calories faster than almost all types of exercises and work all muscles, so the workout is shorter, but still gets the same results.

These are inexpensive workout items that are reasonably priced so everyone can own them. Storing kettlebells isn’t hard. They’re small and can fit in most closets or even under the bed.

You’ll get a cardio workout while you build strength, doing double duty, when you workout with kettlebells.

You can do kettlebell training anywhere and don’t need much space. That help you maintain your workout schedule even when traveling or stuck at home.