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    You’ll receive world-class training from certified trainers at OTG Boot Camp, which is designed to burn fat and build muscle.

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    You’ll be surrounded by other friendly, determined members working toward similar goals.

  • Constant Coaching

    We are big advocates of proper form while lifting, so you will always receive constant support and coaching to ensure safety.

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"The OTG program offers variety in their workouts and activities, so working out doesn't get boring. They also pay close attention to members with pre-existing injuries to ensure those people maximize their experience without hurting themselves. I would recommend this gym to anyone who needs motivation to improve their diet and body."
- Adam G.

"The workouts are challenging, yet you can make them fit with your individual fitness level. They are big on form here and take the time to help you get the movements down. I’m really excited I found something which I enjoy and is also an efficient workout."
- Rachel H

"If you are looking for a way to get more fit and not have to rearrange your schedule to get to the gym this is a great place for you. I go at 6am and I'm out by 635am. The workouts are challenging and the exercises are varied every time. Ryan and Courtney make sure you aren't compromising on form but will also push you to increase the weight you're using or increase your rep speed. Very satisfied with the results!"
- Caleb B

"Courtney and Ryan are so knowledgeable and committed to helping their clients accomplish their health and fitness goals. They take the time to learn about each client’s nutrition and fitness goals, and then work with you to develop a personal plan. Regular weigh-ins and body measurements, including access to an online tracker, are included in the membership as well. The classes are purposely kept small so that each client gets personal attention."
- Carissa D

"Incredible. I have dropped two pant sizes, and finally feel control of my exerciese regiment. If you are a former athlete or a college guy who has gotten a beer gut this place is for you. I can’t say enough about Courtney. Exceptionally strong trainer with abilities to shape your diet as well as your workout routine. This is better than crossfit as this includes weights that makes you feel like you're using your full body to work out!!!!"
- Ahmad P

"I'm glad I found this place via Groupon. The class length and sizes are perfect for me. Courtney and Ryan are great trainers - they push you to challenge yourself without going overboard. I like that the classes are unlimited, too."
- Bronwen M.

"- Small, quick, efficient and effective classes. If you're lucky, it's small enough to feel like personal training. - A put up or shut up mentality, which is initially off-putting, but they are dedicated to results. Isn't this what you signed up for in the first place? - Price: If you actually crunch the numbers, and like doing classes/ personal training, these guys absolutely crush the competition."
- Ty C.

"After the 1st week I knew I would be returning! Courtney and Ryan are wonderful people and trainers who really want success for everyone who walks in the door. In 30 mins I feel like I am pushed to my ultimate limit and working muscles I didn't even know I had! "
- Tracy F.

Our Team

Meet Your Certified Coaches

Chicago Spartan SGX Coach Courtney Waterbury

Courtney Boubelik

Owner / Coach

- Dragondoor RKC
- Spartan SGX Coach
- Dr. Sears Health & Wellness Coach
- Guilty Pleasure - Funions

Chicago Spartan SGX Coach

Ryan Boubelik

Owner / Coach

- Spartan SGX Coach
- Loves Gadgets!

Kettlebell Coach OTG Boot Camp

Tess Wicks


- Blogger
- Dragondoor RKC

Ty Caughell OTG Boot Camp

Ty Caughell


- Dragondoor HKC
- Music Lover
- long flowing hair

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